The specific advisory services include the following:

Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) find application in different types of processes in medicine, chemistry, social sciences, industry and many more. They are detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific process; the instructions usually cover more than one task or area within the agency, unit or sector (definition adopted from European Medicines Agency – EMA – Standard Operating Procedure).

Work Instructions (WINs) are used for the practical implementation of SOPs. They are detailed descriptions of how to perform and record tasks; they may be, for example, detailed written descriptions, flow charts, checklists, pictures, or combinations thereof (definition adapted from ISO/TR 10013:2001 – Guidelines for quality management system documentation). The reasons why it is so important to achieve uniformity in processes of the mentioned fields are to achieve and ensure high product quality, simplify processes for their implementation, guide the participants in their work and act according to existing standards like the FairWild Standard.

In the context of sustainable sourcing of natural ingredients we developed SOPs for sustainable wild collection, domestication and cultivation of plants. The SOPs and WINs for sustainable wild collection are based on the principles of the FairWild Standard and the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) of the World Health Organization (WHO). The SOP and WINs for domestication are also based on GACP; they are the missing link between wild collection and cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). For the SOP and WINs with regard to cultivation of MAPs the KDC expert group draws on a rich history of guidance from German sources and from United Nations (WHO or FAO).
Overview about the context and downloading the SOPs and WINs


Desk and field research for botanical identification of commercially important medicinal and aromatic plant species
Ecological and economic mapping of natural resources Controlled wild collection
Ethno-botanical studies of NWFP
Intellectual property rights of economically important plant species


Silvicultural and agro-forestry systems for sustainable use of NWFP
Organization of forestry advisory systems for NWFP
NWFP as effective tools in support zone management
Development of sustainable and ecologically sound forest based industry
Forest and NWFP valuation


Domestication of wild plant species
Small scale cultivation and agricultural extension service
Organic (bio-) production of medicinal and aromatic plants
Large scale cultivation and commercial production
Post harvest technology, i.e. drying, handling, storage, packaging, transports


Design and construction of locally fabricated technology (distillation, extraction)
Technological and legal research in traditional medicine
Development of new plant products and by-products with value added for industrial markets
Technology development and adaptation
Introduction of high-tech-developments
Elaboration of local legislation requirements
Introduction of quality standards and quality control systems
Independent quality control
Product registration

Procurement and Marketing

Research in developing countries domestic and regional markets
New product development and market identification
Local and regional distribution advisory and overseas trade promotion
Sourcing specialist products

Environmental Impact Advisory

Holistic Environmental Management of production and processing
Environmental Impact Analysis of the Natural Product Industries
Economics of environmentally sound production and processing

Institutional Avisory

Program design and project formulation
Studies for identification, preselection, preparation and appraisal of projects during the pre-investment phase
Project management at different stages of the implementation phase
Project monitoring and evaluation during the operating phase
Strengthening of national consultancy capacities
Sourcing of risk capital and joint venture establishment

Information Centre

Information and market services
Design of working manuals and establishment of information systems

Crops and Products

Medicinal and aromatic plant extracts
Essential oils from underexploited plant material
Spice oleoresines
Natural cosmetics
Tropical fruit flavours
Gums and resins
Natural dyes and colourings
Natural pesticides
Natural high intensity sweeteners
Plant-derived drugs for the pharmaceutical industry